Operating in a specialized industrial concentrated maintenance and protection chemicals domain, GEYİK KİMYA was established in 2012. Our company, GEYİK KİMYA continues its activities in its own factory in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in İSTANBUL since the very beginning. GEYIK KİMYA reaches you with all its representatives in all developed cities of our country in means of industry with the slogan FROM MANUFACTURER TO CONSUMER. 


Our quality policy 

Considering customers' needs and expectations, providing them with quality products and services in accordance with legal requirements by following closely all activities  related to all technological developments for protection maintenance and disinfectant in the sector, presenting new products based on customer expectations with the ambition of increasing service quality with continuous training and workshops for the productivity improvement of the employees, our purpose is to be a Corporation to have proved our product and service quality to customer by  adopting the quality as a lifestyle. 

Our vision is to be a worldwide company with sustainable profitability by creating new products, services and solutions with an innovative approach. 

Our mission is to grow by producing values for society and country without compromising any our ethical values or quality.



Our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees are conducted on a transparent, long-term, constructive and honesty basis. As we trust them, we also expect them to trust us.

Customer Satisfaction: All the services and solutions we offer to the market and the clients always aim to increase the productivity of our customers by making them reach their goals faster by supporting their growing. As we work as a customer-oriented team, we constantly develop ourselves to meet their needs and requirements. 

Achievement determination: We aim to be the one determining and defining the standard in all our activity fields by being the best. We do it by making a difference from our competitors by being better than them and even than ourselves. 

Innovation: We always believe in the power of innovation by competing with ourselves. Through continuous learning, we improve ourselves and gain speed constantly.

Entrepreneurship: We regularly produce new ideas and business areas by targeting always the highest.

Objectives and principles

With our customer-oriented working strategy, it is our basic principle to aim to be the "best" in the market which make us give the necessary importance to the Human Resources Department, remember always that development is only possible by creating new resources, create indispensable business ethics and surplus and be aware of reinforcing our country.

Our customers are our “the most precious”.

Create a value for our customers, responding and meeting their expectations with quality and stability are our first priorities. It is our duty to stand by our customers and to be with them after sales.

Being always "the best" is our the most essential goal.

Our main goal is to be the best in quality and service by keeping this image all the time. In order to achieve this goal, it is our basic principle to undertake management in the activity fields and to be a leader in the market.

Our most important capital is our human resources.

The quality of our products and services starts with the good quality of our employees. In order to attract and employ the best employees and workforce to our community, in order to provide maximum benefit from our team’s talents, strength and creativity; to increase their productivity, to allow them to develop, to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity grow, is the path chosen by Group Companies of Geyik Kimya to ensure this sustainability for generations.

Complying with the principles of superior business ethics and honest work is our motto.

In all our relations, we are always committed to behave in good faith and communication by complying with laws and moral principles in order to ensure the mutual benefit. Another fundamental principle pioneered by us is to fulfil our responsibilities to today's public and to the future generations, that we will never give up. For Turkey, it is our duty to behave with the awareness and conscious of the environmental protection and spread this approach across the world.