Stock: 500 Piece
Used in a wide range of cleaning process such as electronic cards, ignition systems, cables, dirt and grease cleaning, textile industry, cleaning of greasy parts and yarn paths in weaving machinery, cleaning of all sorts of greasy and dirty surfaces, and of belt-pulley systems, on and in knitting, weaving and yarn twisting machinery in textile industry, also used in the cleaning of old geases and dirts on swing, sliding bearings or ball bearings,in the cleaning of grease and dust residuals on disk brake, drums and clutch pressure plates, also used for preventing problems such as sliding, sounds and noises and clutching caused by grease in belt-pulley systems, in the cleaning of old grease, dust and dirth on linkage components, in the cleaning of grease contaminating gear and cushioning systems surfaces,in the cleaning of grease, tar, fuel-oil and other mineral oils on various surfaces. It provides an easy cleaning of all sorts of painted or unpainted greasy surfaces at short notice. In addition, it is used for clearing all painted or unpainted surfaces to be covered with adhesive from grease and dirt, furniture sector, for clearing of glue and other dirths from furniture surfaces painted with high glass, pvc or lacquer paint, for clearing glue residuals on fabric of seats or chairs, for clearing of old grease and dirth on guide columns of the hydraulic and eccentric presses, in the cleaning of grease and dirth of switches and buttons in control panels, in the cleaning of grease and dirth of wire-path and repulsion mechanism of inert gas welding machine, in the cleaning of grease and dirth residues of woodworking machines' moving components, needlecraft sewing machines's ballbearings, gear boxes and head units.
Spray the cleaner 7.87 inch away from the dirty surface. This will wash the dust and dirt down, if needed, the residuels are moved away from the surface by air spraying. Recommended to protect by LIKIT GRES if the cleaned surfaces are intented to come into contact with water, damp and corrosion. Protect yourself by cutting energy power in case of electricity use. Do not spray on open flames, hot and arched surfaces.